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    • Hello guys, i decided today to remove the renewals from the themes & plugins [ newest themes & plugins ].You will pay the price and you will be able to use that template / plugin for life.

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    • Cyber Apex 


      Description :

      Cyber Apex is a template based mainly on gaming but with many options to change the look. It has the dark and light version but also with a lot of options to change the colors, wallpapers, etc.

      Links & Info :

          https://tectonicpx.com/themes [ Here you can find our demo templates ]

          https://tectonicpx.com/board [ Here you can find support for our themes ]

          Demo account [ name : demo@tectonicpx.com ] [ password : demo ] 

          If you are a client, send me a pm on https://tectonicpx.com/board [ and you will get acces to client area ]

      Customizer :

      Color Picker [ 6 colors ]

      Background Picker [ 6 backgrounds ]

      Dark & Light mode Switch

      Fluid width Switch [ Switch between Fixed and Fluid ]

      Show / Hide Sidebar

      Chose sublist columns [ 2 / 3 ]

      Show / Hide Back To Top Button

      New : 

      Redesigned header menu [ now works with menu manager ]

      Clean css code [ with vars ]

      Redesigned Header

      Redesigned Post Container

      And Much More

      Warnings :

      This new version is available just from 4.6

      Plugins Used :

      General Statistics [ write me and i will send you the plugin ]

      Chatbox Free
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    • Hi, this topic is for you, we want you to know that we are working every day to bring a new look to our themes, that's why we started to redo them from 0, with a modern, up-to-date code and much more pleasant functions :

      - Dark & Light Mode

      - Color Switcher

      - Background Switcher

      - Self interactions with some parts of the forum

      - Much more
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    • The time to check the files on the invisioncommunity marketplace is very long. We are sorry for this situation. We contacted the support and they informed us that they are working on automating the process. We do not know when this automation will come out , so stay with us and follow this topic.

      If you have any questions, please leave them below with a reply. 
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